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Spongebob Slendypants

Spongebob Slendypants - The game, which as Slendytubies, has nothing to do with Slender other than the concept of the game. In it you have to play for Patrick, who must collect eight notes. But you have to hunt SpongeBob mad.

A few differences to the Slender Game consept is that this game introduces a time limite, as you play as Patrick Star, you obviously can't last long outside of water, meaning taking to long to find the pages will result in failure.  And while in Slender you need to avoid Slenderman, in this game you need to avoid looking at Slendypants for too long. In the game, Slendypants will move to you really fast (as in running) unlike other slender games. Beware of Slendypants!!!!

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